Periodontal Probe for DIAGNOdent

The DIAGNOdent Perio probe takes your detection and treatment of periodontal disease to a new level.

* Laser fluorescence of subgingival calculus allows quantification of calculus left behind by standard root planing and scaling. Calculus fluoresceses differently than healthy tissue. The device senses the difference and sends a signal to the display, indicating calculus has been identified.
* Detects calculus concrements in periodontal pockets up to 9 mm deep.
* Detected calculus levels are quantified acoustically and visually, allowing tracking over time.
* Hygiene treatments become more effective, prompting the hygienist to continue root planing or scaling to remove missed calculus.
* Audible detection and measurable values make more patients aware of their calculus levels, leading to increased patient compliance with the recommended treatment.

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