Headlight for Hygienists’

Affordable, effective LED
High Q Dental is pleased to formally introduce the Starbright LED Headlight to the Hygienist community.

While the Starbright has been offered for a few years, only recently has it become recognized by Hygienists as an effective tool for their very specialized needs.

Three AAA batteries power the one-watt LED Starbright to deliver a clean, soft light into the field. With clips for most popular magnification loupes, standard safety glasses or mounted on a comfortable headband, the Starbright is easy to use, easy to integrate and easy to afford at only $125.

As the Starbright is an LED headlight, there will never be a bulb to change and virtually no heat emanating from the optic. Battery life is estimated between 15 – 20 hours when using standard or your own rechargeable batteries.

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