Innovative Cold Sore Treatment Device Virulite Comes to US

COSTA MESA, Calif. (Business Wire EON/PRWEB ) January 18, 2008 -- Virulite, LLC, a medical device manufacturer dedicated to developing the market for an innovative new treatment for cold sores, today announced that it has retained Compass Point Capital, Inc. and Murphy Business and Financial Corporation as its mergers and acquisitions advisors.

Virulite, LLC has validated the US market for the Virulite device by successfully completing clinical trials and is presently in the process of obtaining FDA clearance. The Virulite product is successful in the UK and is both approved by the British National Health Service and CE marked.

The Virulite product, (patents granted and pending), is a portable, hand held device that uses an invisible, non-thermal band of near-infrared light. Virulite was developed in the UK after ten years of research and development, and has been medically proven in independent clinical trials to reduce the healing time of cold cores by up to one half.

The company completed a US market test of the product through Walgreen’s online distribution channel, where Virulite outsold all competing cold sore remedies, including the current market leader, the topical cream Abreva by GlaxoSmithKline (GSK). In addition, Virulite received numerous customer testimonials from users who experienced astonishing results. Virulite, LLC recognizes the product requires a home with an established pharmaceutical, health product or medical device company in order to effectively penetrate the estimated $4 billion cold sore remedy market, and is actively seeking suitors.


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