Woman charged for bogus broken teeth claims against McDonald's

I have had patients try and tell me they broke a tooth on something they ate at a restaurant and the tooth was so full of decay that eating anything any where may have broken it. MJ

12:43 PM PDT on Monday, September 10, 2007


DUVALL, Wash. - A Duvall woman who claimed she broke teeth while eating food from McDonald's in two separate incidents now faces first degree theft charges for filing fake injury claims.

Rebecca Ish filed a claim with McDonald's after she allegedly bought a cherry pie from a Duvall McDonald's and broke a tooth while biting into a cherry pit in July of 2004, according to court documents. McDonald's paid Ish over $6,300, the amount she said she paid for dental work to repair the damaged tooth.

Three months later, prosecutors say Ish filed a second claim against McDonald's, this time claiming she broke another tooth on a bone while eating a cheeseburger from another McDonald's restaurant.

After McDonald's insurance company launched an independent investigation into the matter, they found the dentist that Ish claimed did her dental work never did. They also discovered she was an employee of the dentist, which would have given her access to the billing documents.

King County prosecutors charged Ish with Theft in the First Degree for the insurance payment and False Claims for making it all up.


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