Henry Schein Introduces Guru, the Newest in Interactive Patient Education Solutions

American Fork, Utah — Henry Schein, Inc. announces the introduction of Guru™, a computer-based, interactive patient education library for dentists. As a new patient communication tool, Guru enables the dental professional and patient to effectively make a more informed decision about proposed treatment and oral health.
Henry Schein’s Guru elevates key doctor-patient dialog from a passive experience to a proactive and flexible learning experience. Patients who understand their diagnoses and treatment options are more likely to make sound decisions regarding their oral health. Thus, Guru is interactive, providing customized explanations, specific notations, and images unique to each patient, from X-rays to intraoral photos. Developed with dentists for dentists, Guru's detailed animations can augment professional counsel in a universal language that may lead to acceptance of any doctor’s treatment recommendations.
“We are confident the Guru patient education software will provide our customers with a high quality product with unique educational and treatment planning segments providing advantages over competitive products,” said David McKinley, President of Henry Schein Practice Solutions. “The content is fresh, the communication approach is interactive and it delivers excellent value for every practice. In addition, with the release of DENTRIX G3 early next year, Guru will be integrated with the DENTRIX and Easy Dental practice management systems. Guru is a perfect fit in our mission to deliver more innovative solutions for our customers.”
Henry Schein Practice Solutions will launch Guru with a new advertising campaign entitled “How do you Guru?” that will appear in numerous dental publications. Dental professionals can learn more about Guru by calling 1-800-336-8749 and requesting a working demonstration copy at no charge, or by visiting www.dentrix.com. Guru is currently available in a stand-alone version for $2,499 with a $449 annual content enhancement plan that keeps the library fresh and up to date. Guru does provide limited integration with DENTRIX G2 and other practice management systems.

The website for Guru is at http://www.howdoyouguru.com


Nic Gonzales said…
Are you currently using this? I am about to install it on my server and on the network. Just wondering if you ran into any issues...
I have installed Guru and had no issues at all. Installation was quick and enjoy using it.

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