Sunday, May 27, 2007

Street dentistry thriving in Pindi

ISLAMABAD: Like other forms of quackery, street dentistry is also thriving in Rawalpindi city. Raja Bazaar and Saddar are the places where many self-taught dentists display dentures, tooth moulds and banners with catchy messages like, ‘we offer cheap treatment to all kinds of tooth problems’, ‘dental treatment with money back guarantee’, tested formulas for your teeth, etc’.

Poor people are seen visiting these roadside dental clinics. An aged man, attended to by a quack dentist, told Daily Times that he could not afford going to dental clinics for lack of money. He said he and many of his family members and friends were used to visit roadside dentists whose fees were affordable. He said he had no complaints against these ‘messiahs’, as they took care of their teeth in return of a small fee.

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