At The AAOSH Annual Session: Charles Whitney MD Launching Community and Medical Outreach Program for Dental Practices™

Doylestown, PA – September 22, 2014 –  3rd Era Dentistry, a company founded by Dr. Charles Whitney, the nation’s leading medical advocate for improved collaboration between dentistry and medicine, is launching The Community and Medical Outreach Program for Dental Practices.

The comprehensive practice transformation program will debut during the 2014 Annual Scientific Session of the American Academy for Oral-Systemic Health from September 26-28th in St. Louis, MO.

3rd Era Dentistry is a division of 3rd Era Health Inc., which was recently formed by Dr. Whitney to be a catalyst for integrating patient care across all healthcare disciplines in an effort to prevent illness by creating health.

According to Dr. Whitney, “3rd Era Dentistry was formed as our first corporate division because I firmly believe that if a physician and dental professional together deliver the message that what happens in the mouth really matters, we can begin to reverse the increase of serious, yet preventable systemic conditions such as heart disease, diabetes and dementia in the United States.  Dental professionals must be invited to the table of integrative medicine!”

During the AAOSH Annual Scientific Session, Dr. Whitney’s director of operations, hygiene thought leader Lisa Wadsworth, RDH, BS and strategic marketing adviser Michael Ventriello will be unveiling The Community and Medical Outreach Program for Dental Practices, a comprehensive package of tools designed to empower dental practices to achieve the following goals:
·       Improve Credibility with Physicians
·       Increase MD & Self Referrals
·       Reactivate Lapsed Patients
·       Expand Treatment Acceptance

·       Enhance Community Understanding

·       Optimize Communications & Protocols

“The underlying goal of The Community and Medical Outreach Program is to break down the communications barriers between dentists, physicians and patients and level the playing field when it comes to understanding the importance of the mouth-body connection,” explained Wadsworth.
The Community and Medical Outreach Program for Dental Practices, consists of a comprehensive series of tools and forums, including but not limited to the following:
·       8x a year newsletter on dental/medical news and trends
·       Quarterly CE webinars presented or hosted by Dr. Whitney
·       8x a year conference calls hosted by Dr. Whitney with frequent industry experts
·       50% discount on any courses related to oral-systemic health from
·       Guidelines on how to build MNR (medical necessity rationale) to increase treatment acceptance and insurance reimbursement
·       Letter of introduction to physician
·       Patient survey on oral-systemic awareness
·       Downloadable brochures for patients and physicians
·       Patient reactivation letter
·       MD-friendly medical history record
·       PowerPoint for physician or study club presentation
·       Downloadable poster
·       Quarterly bulletins on building MNR (Medical Necessity Rationale) – How to communicate with patients and their physicians

The cost to join 3rd Era Dentistry’s Community and Medical Outreach Program for Dental Practices, is $799.00 per month for the first year which will begin in January 2015. After the first year, a renewal subscription of $399.00 per month will be available to charter members.

However, those who sign up during the AAOSH Annual Scientific Session will receive their first year membership starting in January 2015 for only $599.00 per month – An annual savings of $2,400.00!

For more information, visit , call 215-359-6627, or email

About 3rd Era Dentistry

Based in Doylestown, PA, 3rd Era Dentistry is a division of 3rd Era Health, which was founded by practicing physician and healthcare industry thought leader Charles Whitney MD, to be a catalyst for integrating patient care across all healthcare disciplines. 3rd Era Dentistry is specifically-focused on the links between oral disease and overall health by encouraging increased collaboration between dentistry and medicine. The ultimate goal of 3rd Era Dentistry is to create optimal health and prevent systemic diseases that originate from or are exacerbated by periodontal or endodontic infections. These preventable or manageable diseases include heart disease, stroke, pregnancy complications, arthritis, diabetes and dementia. For more information, visit , call 215-359-6627 or email

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