When your cell phone battery dies... Power Rocks Magic Stick to the rescue.

Being on the road lecturing sometimes can be a drain, not just physically but on my cell phone battery. Having a iPhone where the battery cannot be replaced puts me at a disadvantage when I have those long days on the exhibit floor and dinners and more afterwards. Long days have meant having to be careful with cell phone usage. The last thing I wanted was a dead battery when I was trying to get a cab via Uber and being stranded on a street corner.  On my previous iPhone 4s I purchased a Mophi case and would have to swap cases before leaving on a trip.  For my new iPhone 5s I am going to be trying the Power Rocks Magic Stick.  This should give me plenty of extra battery power and slip nicely into my bag or pocket. I will post a review up once I give it a work out.


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