Who Profits from Dental Non-Profits? Not you!

My friend Fred Joyal of 1-800 Dentist has written an excellent blog post on Delta Dental of Washington attitude toward dentists but in effect it applies to many insurances companies. Just because the insurance company is a non profit does not mean it is benevolent to the dentists. In the blog post there are recent comments from James Dwyer the CEO of the Washington Dental Plan which every dentist should read as to how the insurance companies view the dentists.

Recently Delta Dental of NJ has told us that we can expect a 4-5% reduction in payouts this year. No one really know what this means and the NJ Dental Association does not want to comment on this either. These Insurance Company CEO's and their corporate attorneys make much more then the dentists who submit claims. Yet they want us to work harder. Delta of NJ has money for the CEO and can give money to many benevolent charities but has to reduce reimbursement. Thus although they are non profit they act just like for profit entities.

Call your congressman and support the elimination of anti-trust measures that insurance companies have been granted by law.

Go read the Fred's blog post and see exactly where we stand.


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