Zhermack Introduces the New Dune EcoTech Micro-Sandblasting System

River Edge, NJ (March 1, 2012) – Zhermack Inc., a company that specializes in the production of materials and equipment for dental practices and dental laboratories, recently introduced its new Dune EcoTech Micro-Sandblasting System. The EcoTech is the perfect balance of efficiency and durable state-of-the-art design, making the EcoTech the ideal choice for maximum sandblasting precision.
The EcoTech maintains minimum sand consumption and reduces oxide and microsphere supply costs due to its unique sand recirculation system, calibrated dosing and blasting nozzles, and instant flow shut-off valves. Extreme dust suction is achieved through a double connection that is equally effective from either side of the machine, ensuring maximum suction performance and operator safety.
The flow shut-off valves and calibrated nozzles immediately interrupt sand flow when the unit pedal is released, allowing for controlled sand dosage and a dramatic reduction in sand consumption. The recirculating function reprocesses the abrasive materials for roughening procedures and lining removals, meaning the majority of the remaining sand is recycled and reused, resulting in minimum waste. Each EcoTech is equipped with a built-in reserve air tank.
The large-capacity plastic chamber (over 25 liters) of the EcoTech unit is durable and elegantly designed. The ergonomic design of the handles and nozzles makes sandblasting with the EcoTech system user-friendly, while powerful, adjustable LED lighting improves visibility while blasting. The LED lighting feature has an interchangeable protective film that protects the light
source from accidental abrasion during blasting and ensures longevity of the bulbs. In addition, the protective film is also applied to the EcoTech’s viewing hatch, which helps maintain an excellent exterior condition and superior user visibility throughout the lifespan of the unit.
“The innovative EcoTech system was created out of an effort to offer optimum sandblasting quality, while at the same time maintain a reduction in overall sand consumption,” remarked Nick Holm, Sales & Marketing Manager for Zhermack, Inc. “The result is the most efficient and durable sandblaster available; the ideal solution for surface cleaning, polishing, and brightening.”
Modular, large-size tanks (1000cc) with level indicator and vent valves substantially reduce filling times and allow air pressure to be released quickly and safely. The EcoTech is available in either a two- or three-tank design, and each unit carries a two-year warranty.
For more information about the Dune EcoTech Micro-Sandblasting System, please call 1-877- 819-6206 or visit www.zhermackusa.com.


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