NEW A-dec LED unveils brilliant SIMPLICITY

NEWBERG, Ore., Feb. 01, 2012 – Unveiled at Chicago Dental Society's 2012 Midwinter Meeting, the new A-dec LED dental operatory light is now available to doctors around the world.
“Designed for optimal visual acuity and treatment-room ergonomics, the A-dec LED is an outstanding solution that outperforms all other industry options,” says A-dec Product Manager Tom McCleskey. “By evolving LED technology, we’ve established a new benchmark for operatory lighting.”
A-dec’s advanced light emitting diode (LED) technology has been optically engineered specifically for dentists and the dental operatory. The A-dec LED stands alone in the market because of how well it reduces eye strain and provides optimal ergonomics while ensuring ample illumination, clarity and depth during treatment.  
The new offering features multiple intensity levels, cure-safe mode, low cost of ownership, and intuitive ergonomics.
Adjustable intensity levels of 15,000 lux, 25,000 lux, and 30,000 lux at 5,000K are able to flood the oral cavity with a consistently neutral white light for true-to-life tones, which help practitioners diagnose clearly. The light’s cure-safe mode emits a brilliant yellow light at 25,000 lux, enabling the dental team to work effectively without curing photo-initiated resins.
McCleskey also touts the solution’s ability to reduce eye fatigue because of how the light’s “stadium effect” mitigates shadows and maintains a uniform light pattern. Plus, its unencumbered controls, unparalleled positionability, and fluid movement, combine to create outstanding ergonomics.   
The latest addition sets a premium standard for A-dec Dental Lights, a family of lighting solutions that also include the A-dec 500® Halogen 3-Axis and A-dec 300® Halogen 2-Axis.


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