Future Products In Dentistry

I have recently returned from two trips where I was lucky enough to add my input on future products for dentists.

Kerr is developing many new materials and products that ultimately will make practicing dentistry easier. Kerr has already launched Sonicfill which is a new way to place composite in bulk. This makes placing restorations much easier.
 See the video below:

So look for more exciting things from Kerr in the future.

The other trip was to see what Dentrix has in store for the upcoming G5 release. As I reported a year ago look for a new SQL database structure. This will make the software much more flexible and secure. There are many new additions coming to the Dentrix e-Services that will be a must for dental offices.  One item that is available now and many Dentrix offices may not be taking advantage of is the Profitability Coaching.  For under $1000 this maybe one of the best values in dentistry to see what your office is doing and how to do it better.

I love looking into the future.


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