New Hard Tissue Dental Lasers

It is about time that there are some new lower priced erbium hard tissue lasers. I have had an erbium laser for years and watched the prices increase but now there are 2 lasers available to purchase for less then $30K.
Lares has the new Skywalker  which is available for purchase now.

AMD Lasers who changed the entire diode laser market introduced the new Picasso ATL  (All Tissue Laser). Retail should be $25K. It is not available for sale but should be soon.

Photo of Picasso ATL courtesy of  Glen Van As

Its nice to see lasers getting some more buzz again.


Dr. Ed Logan said…
When we implement hard tissue lasers into our practices, we should be sure to market their use to our current patients and potential patients. People love the word "laser" and consider it cutting-edge.

Edward Logan,DDS

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