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The first issue of MID, an informative digital turning page edition dedicated to Minimum Intervention Dentistry, compiled by Interactive Dental Media in partnership with GC.
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MID October 2009 Issue

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* “MID is the foundation for good clinical practice in the modern era of knowledge of disease and developments in material science.” Dr Avijit Banerjee, King’s College London Dental Institute, UK, in MID Worldwide, page 4
* “In the past, a lot of resistance to MID practice has stemmed from dentists not believing that this style of dentistry will allow them to run a profitable and satisfying practice – we believe that you can.” Dr David Manton, University of Melbourne, Australia, in MID Symposium, page 6.
* “I like this way of not just fixing the holes in my teeth, but also explaining to me how to stop the disease I didn’t know about. This minimal dentistry rocks!” James, patient, Australia, in Practice Perspectives, page 15.
* “By approaching evidence-based scrutiny and meta-analysis, it is exciting to be able to answer clinical questions relevant to MI and to do so largely independently from systematic error and bias.” Dr Steffen Mickenautsch, University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa, in Evidence, page 28.

Written by practicing dentists, academics and hygienists, the MID ezine looks at how current evidence translates into practice, to the ultimate benefit of the patient. Learn to implement MID into your practice today, serve your patients better and still make a profit.

Sections in the ezine include:

MID Worldwide
MID Symposium
Practice Perspectives
Team Talk
Clinical Corner
MID toolkit

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