OraPharma Renewing ARESTIN® Student Access Program

Innovative Program Supplies Participating Dental and Dental Hygiene Schools with Product and Course Materials for ARESTIN® Hands-On Instruction

Warminster, PA – August 13, 2009 – OraPharma, Inc., a specialty oral health company dedicated to bringing scientifically and technologically superior products to the dental community, including ARESTIN® (minocycline hydrochloride) Microspheres, 1 mg, recently expanded its commitment to providing educational support and training to dental and dental hygiene schools by renewing the ARESTIN® Student Access Program and by creating a new Professional Affairs Team to provide field support and instructor training for the program.

The ARESTIN® Student Access Program was implemented a few years ago as the result of discussion and collaboration between OraPharma and the directors of leading dental and dental hygiene schools. According to ARESTIN® Product Director Ben Sandefur, “Our mutual goal was to develop a program that would provide educational programming and hands-on training so that dental and dental hygiene students can learn how to appropriately incorporate locally administered antibiotics like ARESTIN® as part of a comprehensive periodontal disease treatment protocol.”

During the 2008-2009 school year, 118 dental and dental hygiene schools and over 2,800 dental and dental hygiene students participated in the ARESTIN® Student Access Program.

Enrollment for the 2009-2010 program is available to all accredited two- or four-year dental and dental hygiene schools as well as periodontal specialty programs that include instruction on the use of ARESTIN® as part of a comprehensive periodontal treatment protocol. Participating schools will receive the following ARESTIN® Student Access Program materials:

• ARESTIN® Trial Kits containing 12 ARESTIN® cartridges for clinical use by each participating student.

• Faculty Education Kits containing valuable clinical and patient resources regarding periodontal therapy and ARESTIN®, as well as educational content for classroom lectures and demonstration product for hands on laboratory to ensure each student is able to practice placing ARESTIN® prior to treating patients.

• Student Education Kits including valuable clinical and patient education resources regarding periodontal therapy and ARESTIN®.

• Two ARESTIN® handles at no charge and the ability to order additional discounted ARESTIN® handles ($32.00 each) for all participating students

The OraPharma, Inc Professional Affairs Team will provide enhanced support and introduce additional academic programs to dental and hygiene schools. This team will also provide best practices training and education for course directors in schools participating in the ARESTIN® Student Access Program.

“The ARESTIN® Student Access Program helps ensure that ARESTIN® will continue to be widely available for clinical use by all dental and dental hygiene school students. Today’s students represent the next generation of oral health professionals,” explained Sandefur. “It’s important that they have training and experience with the most common periodontal disease options upon graduation.”

Dental and dental hygiene school faculty who wish to participate in the ARESTIN® Student Access Program can get more information and register for the program at https://www.myarestin.com/studentaccess. If you require more information, please contact the OraPharma, Inc Professional Education team at 1-888-553-6010 extension 0627.-


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