The Guru Subscription Plan

I use Guru everyday in my office and having Guru TV running in the reception area. MJ

Introducing The Guru Subscription Plan

We are very pleased to announce the availability of the Guru Subscription Plan for Fall 2009! We are excited to roll out this new pricing option for Guru, the premier patient education tool for the entire dental office. Guru is a total solution for patient education in your office and beyond that no other tool provides, and Guru completes any DENTRIX practice management package or Henry Schein product purchase. Using the spectacular animations and images in Guru, your treatment plans become even more engaging, educational, and compelling to patients. With Guru, you can see better patient compliance with treatment, greater results for your practice, and accelerated potential to grow your practice revenue with more patients and more comprehensive treatments! Additionally, GuruTV engages your patients in the reception area even before they sit down in your chair. What could be a better complement to saving time and money with your DENTRIX practice management system?

Because we're so sure Guru is the obvious choice to add value your practice management software, we've constructed the Subscription Plan with a 90 day satisfaction guarantee, minimal initial investment, and to be "bundle-able" with other product purchases. Contact your Sales representative today for more information.

The Guru Subscription Plan features:

* Only $49.99/mo. with a $499 install/training fee will get Guru in your office TODAY
* 4 Courses of in-depth online training with a Certified Guru Practice Consultant
* GuruTV for your reception area available at separate purchase of $499

This criminally easy option will get you and Guru educating your patients in no time at all! Next time your regional sales rep visits, ask about the all-new Guru101 DVD (available July 2009), which will introduce you to Guru's powerful educational features in just six minutes. If you decide Guru is right for your practice, the DVD includes a payment link and install/activation Code for your immediate use. On the Guru Subscription plan, there's no shipment time or wait to begin implementation. You'll immediately be eligible for 4 courses of online training with your Certified Guru Practice Consultant, and immediate use of Guru!

And there's more to come! Guru is updated monthly with new images and enhancements. Visit OR please direct all inquiries to:

Lee Allen, Guru Product Marketing Manager

Jeff Jackson, Guru Product Manager

Holly Holm, Guru Marketing Communications


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