Ubuntu is ready for your PC

I have been slowly migrating away from Windows as my Operating System for personal computers in my home. I still have a few Windows PC's running in the house but have moved many of them over to Ubuntu. I also am a MAC user and so are my kids.

Recently I was helping a friend of mine with his daughters notebook which was having issues and suggested Ubuntu. Well I downloaded the latest version (took 20 minutes) and took about another 20 minutes to install. Everything just worked. The notebook is much faster and no antivirus concerns etc.

The best part is you can test drive Ubuntu (or any of the Linux variants) with there live CD's and see if things just work for you too without installing the OS!

Go give Linux a try. There are some others Linux OS's that work on very old PC's that you may have lying around such as Puppy Linux or Damn Small Linux.


dkdillard said…
I'm always interested in faster and more secure. Is dentrix compatible with Ubuntu on a laptop in a network running Window 2003 serveer?
Dentrix is a Windows program and will not run on Ubuntu by itself. You could run Dentrix on Ubuntu in a virtual Windows machine but that would defeat the purpose. I run Dentrix on a virtual Windows machine on my MAC.

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