Upgrade to Dentrix G3 and Guru

Well it seemed to be time to upgrade Dentrix in my office. We successfully did the G2 upgrade and went chartless in February. One thing I had been hearing was that the conversion of the Document Center was what was taking the time in the upgrade to G3. I did not want to keep increasing the number of documents in the document center which would cause the upgrade to be slower. So I decide now was a good time to go to G3. The installation on the server went smoothly and took a little over an hour. I then used the Component 1 Update Disc to finish the installation on the server.

I then did the install on the workstations. I did run into a minor problem. For some reason a cab file was not in the installation directory. So I had to manually copy the file from the second disc to the install directory on the server. Then the install on the workstations went very smoothly. Overall it took about another hour to get the 10 work stations upgraded. I also did the G3 upgrade on my Macbook. I run Dentrix on my Macbook using VMware Fusion with Windows XP.

My office has Guru and wish I could have turned off the installation of the limited edition of Guru during the install. I did the upgrade on the server with the newest edition of Guru and all the work stations. I did have another minor glitch in authorizing Guru but tech support walked me right through it. The nice thing in G3 is that Guru is more tightly integrate. I also put the new Guru TV DVD into the DVD player attached to the large screen TV in the reception area.

I am also looking forward to trying VoicePro in the future.

I never forget the training and will be having our local trainer come in to get us up to speed on the new Perio chart and Document Center along with more hints and tips to maximize the use of Dentrix G3.

I will let you know how we are doing after we are live with Dentrix G3 in the next few days.


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