HydroFloss- Unboxed

I recently got a chance to use a HydroFloss. A HydroFloss is an oral irrigation device. It utilizes the principles of magneto-hydro-dynamics along with the power of jet stream irrigation. The Benefits of a HydroFloss are that it reduces bacteria in your mouth and helps prevent the formation of calculus. Of course this will help lead to better oral health and help in the prevention of ginigivits and periodontitis. There are two studies on the Oral Care Technologies web site about the effectiveness of this device.

I have used the HydroFloss and it does a good job of getting food particles out from between your teeth. I used the HydroFloss after eating ribs to give it a real test. The HydroFloss costs $129.95 and comes with a 30 day money back guarantee.

So go check out the HydroFloss video and see for yourself.
More information is available at www.oralcaretech.com


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