Search Engine Rankings

Just found this interesting and thought you might also. Lots of money in searching. You might not know that the browser you use gets renumeration from the search companies.

Google’s (GOOG) share of the U.S. search query market improved to 65.1% in November from 64.49% in October, and and 61.84% a year ago, according to data release today by Hitwise.

Yahoo’s (YHOO) share slipped to 21.21%, down from 21.65% in October, and 22.43% a year ago.

Microsoft’s (MSFT) share dropped to 7.09%, from 7.42% a month ago, and 9.82% a year ago.’s (IACI) share declined to 4.63% from 4.76% a month ago, but up up from 4.23% a year ago.

The other 46 search engines tracked by Hitwise had a combined 1.96% share.


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