Lantis Laser Forms Subsidiary for Future Acquisitions

DENVILLE, N.J., Oct. 9, 2007 (PRIME NEWSWIRE) -- Lantis Laser Inc. (Pink Sheets:LLSR) ( today announced that it has formed a wholly-owned subsidiary, Lantis Acquisition Corp. to acquire and commercialize novel technologies for application in the dental industry.

In keeping with its objectives of commercializing novel technology for application in dentistry, Lantis is currently reviewing technologies that will result in products that meet its selection criteria -- large market potential, competitive edge and exclusivity.

Lantis' President and CEO, Stan Baron said, "We see a number of areas in dentistry where, by employing advanced technology, treatment modalities could be significantly upgraded. In keeping with our objectives we will ensure that these modalities are accessible to the majority of dentists so that the majority of patients will enjoy the benefits of the advanced level of treatment made possible by the application of technology in dentistry."

Lantis is currently developing its OCT Dental Imaging System(tm) which is in Phase 2 development with clinical units expected to be in use by the end of 2007. Unlike x-ray, OCT emits no harmful radiation as it employs safe, high-intensity light. The OCT diagnostic imaging system, with a resolution of up to 10 times x-ray, will significantly upgrade the dentist's ability to view and evaluate dental tissue for early detection of decay and microstructural defects. Early detection enables early treatment, meaning less trauma, less cost, less time and a higher standard of patient care. Market introduction is targeted for the third quarter of 2008.

Baron went on to say, "The worldwide dental market consists of at least 200,000 offices that could buy technology advanced equipment for diagnosis and treatment. This market is so large that even a low 5-10% penetration of this market means considerable sales and profits for Lantis Laser."


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