Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Dentrix G2 Updates & more

Well I just got back into the office from a trip to Utah to attend the Dentrix Summit. The umbrella company Henry Schein Practice Solutions provided us with lots of information on the directions that Dentrix and the Practice Solutions Division is going. The most important thing I got out of this meeting is that its not the same Dentrix we have known for the last decade. The powers in charge are listening and want to be more responsive to the needs of the Dentrix users.

Now onto G2.

The third component update is out. But wait G3 is coming in the 1stQ of 2008. Some of the new features are an updated perio chart, and changes we have all been waiting for in the document center. Direct input of PDF and MS Office documents!You will be able to load G3 without loading G2 for those still using Dentrix 11.

The Guru- is a patient education module that will be tightly integrated into the software. Treatment planning root canal therapy will allow the Guru to load the video so that the procedure can be better explained to the patient.

Another new software will be LabNet. This will allow real time collaboration of return dates and information such as photographs and lab slips between the dental office and dental laboratory.

The new voice module is called Voice Pro. It seemed to work quite well but voice recognition technology can always be a trying endeavor to get working properly. We will see if this works in the office as well as it seemed to work in the demonstration.

If you are not using e-Services you should be. Using e-Claims and Quickbill are no brainers for any dental office. They both save your staff time and money. My staff would never go back to manual billing. I highly recommend all dental offices should have as part of your backup solution an automated off site component. So check out e-backup.

There are other e-services like webenabled so so check out the
e-services web site.

There are more exciting things coming we will just have to give Dentrix some time to implement them both in the software and in tech support.

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