Thursday, March 29, 2007

Plug Lables

Here is a great and inexpensive low tech idea! I have been under the desk or behind the wiring cabinet and guessed which plug to pull. This solves the problem!

ID Pilot Wire Identification Labels Only $6

Ever inadvertently unplug your clock radio instead of the lamp, because you couldn't tell one plug from the other in your power strip? Forget about color coding or plastic tags, ID Pilot Wire Identification Labels to the rescue. Each label has a drawing of the device it powers. They’re easy-to-use, pliable vinyl and stick directly onto the plug it identifies. Labels come in three themes: "Office" contains 22 office computer labels & 10 office equipment labels; "Electronics" has 16 home computer labels, 16 audio/video equipment labels & 8 charger labels for wireless devices; "Household" has 8 kitchen basics labels, 8 gourmet kitchen labels, 24 household labels & 8 workshop labels. They adhere easily to uneven or irregular surfaces and their ultra white background enhance visibility of the label images. Labels measure 5/8 inch in diameter.

Click here to go to the web site and purchase them.

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