Sony Mylo Personal Communicator or Patient Distraction

Sony introduces the Mylo personal communicator. The Sony Mylo is a wi-fi enabled portable entertainment device with full QWERTY keyboard. Mylo features a 2.4 inch screen, 802.11b Wi-fi, 1GB flash memory, built-in speaker, Sony memory stick slot and USB. The Mylo is a chat machine. Besides the slide-out QWERTY keyboard it has IM, 90 contacts buddylist, built-in Skype (VOIP for making internet phone calls) and HTML (Web) browser (able to use Gmail). With Mylo you can manage 9 online identities. Mylo is also a music player and video player supporting MP3, ATRAC and WMA (DRM) audio and MPEG-4 video.

Just another reason to think about leaving the laptop computer home. Cost will be approximately $350.